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Fractional Marketing Services 
CMO | Strategy | Market Development,
Product Marketing | Brand Awareness

There is an evolution underway on how businesses are attracting, managing and retaining experienced talent dedicated to help grow their businesses.   A fractional marketing professional can give you the expertise, skills and experience you need at a fraction of the cost than hiring a full-time marketing executive.  Work with us on on a freelance, contract or retainer basis for critical or seasonal projects.

Not sure how marketing can help your business?  CrossTies Marketing, LLC can facilitate a process that works across the organization and ties in the marketing initiatives that will provide the highest impact for the least burden.  It allows your organization to brainstorm and prioritize the marketing initiatives that are right for you to drive new business and retain current customers.  Let us help you build a marketing plan for 2020 and beyond.

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Mary Olson
Founder, Marketing Executive

I enjoy challenge, adventure and experiencing new things. I have white water rafted class V rivers, explored the Badlands in rough terrain on horseback, walked the great wall of China, travelled to over 35 countries and had a busy career helping global businesses deliver creative marketing and business development plans to drive profitable growth. 

My marketing and business development experience includes working with high tech manufacturing, software and medical device companies in a B2B environment.  In addition, I have extensive experience in physical and digital identity solutions and creating new products and partners in the medical device industry.  

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